Story is my life!

When I was a child in Colorado Springs my father had a pile of sand delivered to our backyard, which soon became my village with characters, roads, and tunnels, and trees, and houses, and animals, any thing and everything used for my story of my village. As the roads entangled so did: Friendships! Storms! Parties! I still create stories this way, the visual scenes with the characters, where they came from, what they are doing, how they feel, and why the problem or adventure happens to the character and how the character solves the problem for the greater good of the village.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

First SURPRISE from cut paper

At last, with the improvements of the web have made the cut-paste illustations into a book for preview. Plan to send to friends as a birthday card!  Will tell where you can find and buy for your friend soon!  Maybe a small video will do. Need to study more. Can also see on youtude, Surprise in cut paper.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Surprise Party B&W

Made to see how the book would work, soon to self published. Started Surprise in I984 for a preschool I ran in my home. The animals are the children.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

First ART Show

Pro Arts 1990
This was my first ART Show in year 1990, WOW! This show was in a friend's backyard 22 years ago.
June 2013 I am having another Art Show in my OakGrove Yard through ProART --> showing a life of work: paintings, drawings, creative one edition books, gardening, and storytelling. That means, I have come full circle from loving art as a child, studying writing as an adult, storytelling as a senior, and gardening as my 'hobby, to finishing as a creative elder.  Art is the process!  The reward is the doing, feeling, seeing, the awareness of knowing the creative times, the play, while living as a daughter, sister, wife, mother, aunt, grandmother, and friend with all the in-betweens.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sodie, the Storyteller

Sodie, the storyteller
Here is storyteller Sodie telling a story, which has the children of the farm involved and motivate. The parents are delighted until their children disappear.  Will Sodie be able to get the children back to the farm?

Bobbie Kinkead on the Behance Network

Bobbie Kinkead on the Behance Network

Have joined this gallery to show my Fine Art and various other projects!
Come and see, watch my gallery grow.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

My illustrations at the Brick Alley Gallery

Two of my illustrations, "Sodie, the Storyteller" and "Vanitta's Basket of Eggs" are on view at the Brick Alley Art Studio, 919 20th Street, Sacramento, CA. The NorCal SCBWI sponsored the Art Show. SCBWI had a reception on December the 8th. There were two Art Walks on one Dec.11, 2010 and the other Jan. 8th, 2011. The show ends  Jan 30, 2011.

The Studio is owned by
 Pam Findleton,
Suzanne Bell,
and Tracy Lewis,

Saturday, January 8, 2011

This is raccoon who is surprised.

This illustration is from my first cut paper draft from Surprise and used for my business cards as clip art to send to editors and art editors. The gifts were my graditude to those who helped me. The star is for the next year of success.

Raccoons are survivers and need to be celebrated.

The Illustrator

Here is a black and white cut and pasted
illustration from the first draft of 
my Surprise book. The five characters 
are from my home preschool: 
crow, dog, cat, rabbit, and opossum
who are celebrating raccoon's 4th birthday. 

Monday, June 23, 2008

Page 10 from SHHssss

This illustration is acrylic and ink from the wordless picture book, SHHhsss, I sketched the storyboard in 1985, when my children were in the preschool, which I ran in my home. The animals are the children who came; the image suits each one. Dog gives the party, cat helps with the balloons, and rabbit counts, squirrel wants.  On each page the reader (parent and child) counts the sets of  balloons, gifts, and animals up to number 10. Then SURPRISE! raccoon enter we have number 11. 

I painted the illustration while in Patricia Polacco's studio, when she lived in Oakland in 1990's. Sarah Wilson was my mentor for the Nevada SCBWI program in 2006. Then I restarted my dream as a picture book illustrator.