Drawn Lines

October 9, 2016


Bobbie Kinkead on SCBWI

Looking for a holiday gift?

Explore new books from Independent & Traditional writers & artists on SCBWI BOOK BLAST.

The opening is October 10, 2016. For a great new read for kids and teens use Book Blast to browse and find a book to give or enjoy.

'Rhyonna's Fright' is in the Book Blast.
Rhyonna's Fright is on Kindle, as a paperback book, and Smashwords as epub.

June 19, 2016

Acrylics at Oakland Art Camp

Oakland Feather River Camp at Quince, CA,  my two acrylic paintings, June 2016.                                             

Durning June each year, Feather River Art Camp by Quincy, CA provides arts and crafts and an art show for artists. During the week we sleep in tents or rustic cabins and eat in a cafeteria and attend various workshops. This is a camp I attended on Acrylics. We have fun, create, and socialize; all focused on art.