Drawn Lines

April 13, 2018

Know-how is the keys.

The know-how of drawing lines is looking, observing, sensing; then using our various skill, expertness, proficiencies, understanding to capture viewers into our impressions. EASY DONE! Doodles with principles! FUN! Drawing becomes deliberate, intentional, calculated, willful, done with purpose, planned. 

We know as Modern Art. We do not have three years to spend on one work of art, which is a moment in an old master's work. In the expanded world we live, we have become more interested in the details of the masters’ paintings. Non-objective art!  Abstract art!
Once becoming adept at the first element of art drawings lines. We become more aware, conscious and experience the lines in our environment. Line not only outlines, line also identies textures, that can be perceive, organized, and rendered. Texture is the second element of art.

Textures are fun!  And with types of lines we know, that many textures are drawn and can be combinations and depicted large and small, thick or thin, light or dark.

 ASSIGNMENT:  on a piece of paper or in the sketchbook on pages 18 and 19 draw as many textures are you can, not large. Might be better if you divide each page into sections by drawing 3 lines horizontally, down, and 3 lines vertically, across. Giving you 18 opportunities —> remember, the alphabet letters and numbers can be used as textures.

Please leave a comment or suggest or email me what you drew! Take a picture on your iphone and use the email box on the right of this. I will post.

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