April 10, 2018

I - Lines are illusionistic.

Impressions from lines are illusionistic.

Lines drawn are appearance, impression, semblance; perception, a mirage, maybe hallucination, actually figments of our imagination, tricks of the lines drawn for the mind to see. An artist uses these magical tricks of line to conjure images in the mind with hand and fingers to drawing: power.

Impressions of illusions are what lines are. Like letters in a word to be read, a spell from a magical trick of sound and symbol to spark a vision from a word in our minds. Iines spark magic of resemblance. A delusion, fantasy, fancy from our consciousness; simple symbols to reflect what we see and want to give to others. We draw lines to entrap our viewer into our spells of illusion: illustrations, paintings, printing, designs, gardens and now with program the computer can generate art: impressions.

As an artist, we draw lines to entice images. With practice and observing information, we assembled our impressions into pictures or designs. We can never copy exactly what is seen, and why should we. Drawing is impressions from nature, our mind’s imagination, from people, and life around us for the viewer to enjoy.

Drawing line is the first art element, the most important; line introduces us to details, textures, color, and spatial relations. Knowing the various kinds of lines helps in all art. After practicing a while, our intuition accords a style and directs us, and our hand and fingers delineate what we see in our mind: impressions.

My forest grew!
Assignment for I : On a piece of paper or in the sketchbook on page 18 draw a tree, your impression of a tree, use the lines you like. On page 19, observe the lines on a tree, now repeat the lines, the best you can with the cooperation of mind and fingers. Grow a forest on the two pages using your recall and imagination; drawing magic produces the impressions of trees for the viewer: illusionistic.

Please share your drawing through this website 'ART for DRAWN LINES'. Leave your information, and I will sent an email address to add your sketch to this blog - title with letter I.

Also, leave any comments, suggestions, other observations, or ideas you have to offer.

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