April 19, 2018

Q - Lines are quaint.

Letter Q for A2Z blog Challenge
Lines are quick, quaint sometimes holding quality sometimes just quirky. FUN! A QUEST!

Being familiar with the types and the quality of lines and textures, we move to creating works of art, pieces of penciled drawn art that qualify as professional. A work of art must cause and answer questions on a piece of paper as a short story or in a series of painting like a novel with chapters. 

FORM is the total work; the elements working together to show a organized composition controlled by Principles:

Dominance is center of interest, one line, shape, texture or color that attracts attention and sometimes repeats.

Emphasis is how the center of interest attracts the eye either by lines, shape, textures or colors leading the viewer to the dominant center. 

Balance is how lines, textures, shapes, and colors are arranged either symmetrical with the same number, size, and shape as a design or with asymmetrical, unequal numbers, sizes, and shapes. 

Balance is not a quirk of fate. One large shape in the middle of your art is not balancing your work, using three varied shapes in different positions move a viewer’s eye over the whole area.

Rhythm uses lines in repetition to move eyes around the paper and cause MOVEMENT, motion, action. The viewer’s eyes follow the asymmetrical balance quenching the viewer’s thirst for involvement, excitement, quirky fun, and surprise. We have the viewer in motion, not at rest. The eyes might follow a line around and through shapes, or bounce from shape to shape. 

Opposition and variety are thrusts that keep the eyes moving. You can also create harmony or contrast, the mood for your piece.

ASSIGNMENT:  On a large piece of paper create an optical quest for your viewer. Move us around your composition with the type of lines you know and shapes and textures. If you want, use color and value.

Observe your piece. What composition is in your art? What do you give us to observe, view, to dance around in your piece? What quest do you set up for the viewer?

At the beach hiking with cliffs and rocks.

Send assignment via the 'ART for DRAWN LINES' message on this page. I will send the email address for you to include your drawing, title with the letter Q, which I will post on this blog.

Also, any comments, suggestions, other observations, or ideas are welcome. Art is to share; we are all artists and creative.

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