April 18, 2018

P - Pencils provide lines.

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I love my pencil! Since preschool or for some of us kindergarten, 'the pencil is the tool of trade' for writing and drawing. What we learn present by pencil extends to all possibles of mediums: paints, pastels, pens marker or with inks on paper, cloth, wood, and metals.

Pencil and drawing are partners, as we say 'hand in hand', or brain, to an image to hand to fingers holding the magical tool: the PENCIL! By drawing lines the pencil presents, permits, persuades, pictures, proclaims, plunges, and puts our viewers into a playful, pleasant, pleasurable, forms we draw in landscapes, portraits, in designing, or accidental, figurative, expressive, impression, abstract, non-objective, or realistic art.

As children with our pencils carving and rendering the alphabet letters over and over with the right pressure, width, and length; so the line was even and flat, PURPOSEFUL. Then for most of us on to scribe writing were we connected the letters with one long line for each word. One profound process over our school years through the grades. Our skill of PRIDE! We  d with our peers and public.

As an artist, and remember we all are artists, we have practiced, professional, prevailing pencil skills necessary in our progress to understand the principles and elements of art. We know two elements: line and texture, and hints of the other four: shapes, value, color, and space. The principles are simple, and I have mentioned a few: feeling, dominance, balance, and movement that make-up composition. These Principles we will talk about later.

ASSIGNMENT for P: on a piece of paper or in the sketchbook on pages 28 and 29, at the bottom from left to right make a tightly controlled line of squished swishes from the darkest line the pencil can make to the lightest. Do again from the opposite directions right to left from darkest to lightest. Use the side of your pencil if you want.  Think of the soft light lines as white, yellows, and pinks. The ordinary lines are orange, red, light blue, light brown, light green, and light purple. The darkest lines are blacks, browns, dark blues, and dark greens.
Values done by pencil.

Now draw nine squares above the two squishes squiggles lines. Putting a color from your pencil in each: white, yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, green, brown, and black. Of course, all the lines and boxes are shades of gray. 

Send assignment via the 'ART for DRAWN LINES' message on this page. I will send the email address for you to include your drawing, titled with the letter P, which I will post on this blog.

Also, any comments, suggestions, other observations, or ideas are welcome. Art is to share; we are all artists and creative.

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