April 7, 2018

F - Line shows feeling.

Lines drawn with feelings are varied and more exciting to view.

Here are a few feelings you can depict by lines: sad, repose, conflict, bold, turmoil, fighting, powerful, sweet, trouble, stocky, slender, happy, light, quiet, angry, narrow, smooth, timid. Many more feelings we see in abstract, non-objection drawings as the simple lines you put in the sample, sketchbook. As in my emotions piece on the right by chance is shown a cartoon face in a hat labeled 'growing'  and the face on the right blowing a wiggling line labeled 'confusing'. I did the face by accident, funny what appears.

Assignment for F:  In the sample book on pages 12 and 13 or a piece of paper draw a horizontal across the middle and a vertical line down the center, which gives you four parts.  Draw four of your emotions. 

Please share your drawing through this website 'ART for DRAWN LINES'. Leave your information, and I will sent an email address to add your sketch to this blog - and title with letter F.

Also, leave any comments, suggestions, other observations, or ideas you have to offer. 


Cathy Kennedy said...

I never thought about lines showing feelings so this was interesting seeing this perspective for the first time.

Curious as a Cathy
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Gail Park said...

I think of texture as showing feeling--the thickness of the line as opposed to one that is thin, light, airy...interesting concepts.

Gail Park

Making Life an Art

Bobbie Kinkead said...

Gail, you are a bit ahead of my lessons, and yes, textures can be drawn lines that recall physical touching we have experienced. I'm following you on Google+ Will check out your site. THANK YOU for your comment.