April 27, 2018

W - Drawn lines are WIT!

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PENCIL—> our tool since childhood for mastering the usage of lines in lettering and drawing is worth all the work and practice we completed because as an artist we have the wit, whims, and wealth in device whenever, wherever, and however we want.

The pencil wit on paper through textures and shapes as you pencil textures and forms for the viewer, who wonders at your wondrous wit. This work takes place on a piece of blank paper, no lines. We create in the space a view as glancing through a frame, wedging our symbols for others to read, like words written. We build the letters into words for an abstracted symbol. Then we arrange the abstracted symbols into a sentence to widened the vision and then construct of blog or novel to tell our story.  Art is a one-page story whirling us to feel, observe and wonder, to have a visual emotion. Using what our brain utilize as reality to make images we recognize. We create the same symbol to abstract, to ponder, and share with others. Art is a language we use to tell a visual wild, witting, whimsical, or wondrous realistic, abstracted, or non-objection scene on a plane, a surface, for a view to find and enjoy.

For an artist, the whole blank surface waits for the how, what, when, why, and where to be worked in line. Frist the simple lines then we weld together our whims and wit for a viewer to winding, whisk, or wiggling with more complicated lines moving textures shape with dimensions.  We carefully build, stitch, weld and glue together what our skills allow. The worth of our efforts exposed.

WHOOPS! Then one wrong thought, “What will others think?” Remember art is our within, our magic, wonder, mystery. We just do art, worth or no worth. We organize elements and principles provide our wisdom about our visual complexities, our symbols. WE DO ART!

A line through shapes for 3D effect.

ASSIGNMENT for W: On page 31 of our sketchbook page or a well-made piece of paper of light color, if you like. Use your pencils or colored pencils. Draw more massed shapes with value. Draw a thick line that passes through, inbetween, over, behind the massed formations. Put textures in the drawing and add colors, if you want. Notice how the sketch has spacial and visual relationships.  

Send assignment via the 'ART for DRAWN LINES' message on this page. I will send the email address for you to include your drawing, titles with the letter W, which I will post on this blog.

Also, any comments, suggestions, other observations, or ideas are welcome. Art is to share; we are all artists and creative.

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