April 11, 2018

J - Just Draw LINES.

No justification for doing, just do.

During my life as a child, I could build and play, creating. In the upper grades, Fountain Creek was the fantastic world of creation. In sixth grade, I was in Miss Owen’s room, and my life came together. She had art, and mediums of art to explore not only words. No given reasons or explanation or accounting for me being in the room full of possibilities. I did not have to defend, answer to, vindicate or justify why. I was there good reason; so I could do art. And my reading and grades soared. I’m one of these ‘dyslexic,’ I could read the letters upside down, inside out, backward or forward, in other words, I had no focus and worst, I had no idea the letters made sounds to help me read. I liken myself to a person who has no clues for viewing art or knowledge of the rules, elements, principles, and values in a work of art. I had no background in reading, no sounds, no worda: unfortunately, the way children of my generation were taught look that the picture and read the words. I made up the words.

And as people did, my mother could not justify why her daughter wanted to be an artist. Not allowed. No merit. No good. A waste of time. My mother's time and money and mine, if I went to college. I saw her as a different mind that saw that which was important to her. Work and making money was important; artists made no money.

So in college, I took all the art classes I could plus those required for teaching in elementary school. The art teachers there said just do, you learn by doing. WHAT! So art students struggled to deal with paints and watercolors. No information and how to use line, what was color, depth, values, and composition only competition for professer's attention, and no classes on marketing, no way to judge what we created. I saw my mother’s point of view, WHY BOTHER?

My last courses were in art education, (teaching art was still possible in public schools). To teaching are to juveniles one was organized with lesson plans, a lot of planning. These plans had plots and angles for how to use mediums: cutpaper, watercolors, chalk, punch a clay bowl. Can you imagine going into a classroom with paints or clay saying just create what you wanted? Using art mediums need directions, discipline and rules, which is used to free the mind, to see. At the same time to relax, to play, to have fun, to enjoy, and open up to CREATE!

4 hole punches in center a challenge, as life plan

Still missing for me were answers to my questions: How are lines used? Do colors work? How to make textures? What is the value? How to show depth? That took me many years of art class, and more years teaching to juveniles, who thought because they were in an art school there were no rules. There are principles for making a readied work of art, as with a writing a novel!
ASSIGNMENT for J: With the lines, you use, draw what you want: a design, flowers, trees, your cat or dog, or monsters from my mind, not from a photo. Use colors you like, vary the width of the lines, and add textures. What you create is called representative art. 

Please share your drawing through this website 'ART for DRAWN LINES'. Leave your information, and I will sent an email address to add your sketch to this blog - title with letter J.

Also, leave any comments, suggestions, other observations, or ideas you have to offer.  


Anonymous said...

So important to remember that we are all different, not better or worse, just different.


Bobbie said...

Thank-you Beth, Yes, just different, and for the best, of all the best. How boring if we were all the same! Our worlds would be a dull, impossible place to be! A varied and different make for exciting!