April 6, 2018

E - Line shows emotion.

Line is an abstract symbol for an emotion.

Straight lines emphasis strength, endurance, and power; broken lines violence, chaos, destruction; horizontal lines calmness, serenity gravity, peace; vertical strength, dignity, grandeur, nobleness, support; diagonal lines vigor, action, progress; and a curve line graceful, rhythm, unity, and softness.

Textures added with the line to show tiny - huge, thick - thin, light - dark, smooth - rough, wide - narrow and will help show emotions.

With these emotions in mind, imagine a creature: an animal, person, or monster. Visualize the eyes, mouth, nose, ears, neck, legs, skin or fur. What emotion is on the face of the creature? What do the eyes show, the mouth expressing; and what is the creature doing? Should the viewer be ready to run or hug and pet this creature?

Because your hand is not your mind, there will be differences in the way the hand draws and the way the mind see the lines. This process is like thinking up a story, then writing it on paper and does always change. We see a picture, think how to draw it, and our hand does it best. Remember, the drawing on the paper never really matches the vision in our mind. PRACTICE! And PRACTICE! The mind, hand, and pencil will find their peace. Be fair and patient with your pencil drawing, which is like learning to write letters and words. Finally, each letter in each word constructs a sentence we understand. Writing was learned by doing, and doing, and doing. So drawing is learned by doing, and doing and finally the 'aha' moment! Mind, hand, and pencil work together for your style of seeing.

Assignment for E: Keeping a creature in your mind what lines drawn will show the hair, eyes, mouth, body action and movements. Now, on a piece of paper or on pages 10 and 11 of your sample sketchbook with your pencils capture the creature.

Please share your drawing through this website 'ART for DRAWN LINES'. Leave your information, and I will sent an email address to add your sketch to this blog - and title with letter E.

Also, leave any comments, suggestions, other observations, or ideas you have to offer. 

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