April 3, 2018

C - Line is CRAFTING.

Drawing line is a creative craft.

Line is an art element that makes possible the crafting of art. We see lines everywhere; carefully observe to what we are seeing. Lines are the shapes and textures, and also depth and volume in our vision.

Look closer, see the lines that make-up the textures on shapes; lines craft squares, diagonals, horizontals, scribbles, circles, etc. like weaving, and quilts; all that we see. Take a depth look at the environment, your environment:  your desk, what is around your computer? When you walk notice the path and surroundings. As you look out a window notice how line creates leaves and flowers so we can see them.

Get ready, we're going to take a walk with your pencil on your piece of paper in your sketchbook. If you did not make a sample sketch book, a piece of paper will do. Remember, the bigger the paper the more you can draw while the smaller the paper will be the more concise.

Think about the pencil in your hand that holds the line; your power comes through your eyes to your brain into your imagination onto the paper. When you hold a pencil, the energy from the seeing and feeling the scene goes into the pencil and onto paper. All of us have this visual acuity.

With the pencil we are to take a walk with your feet, notice what is touched, the motion, how these feel. Or, take the walk with the pencil through your feelings/emotions as you drawn the lines. Or, as you walk, draw what you see in the environment. Will the pencil to your adventure. Keep the pencil on the paper and move it as you read.

Taking a walk with LINE.
You park your car. Open the door and walk to a bench and sit, observing. Opps! You drop your keys, bending over you to pick them up. You must Kneel. Then crawl under the bench to reach them. Stand. Reach into the  sky. Stretch. Look at the trail. Walk. Jump. Dance. You hop over a creek and only slip into water. Standing, you wipe your self off. Splash in the water with you feet. Bend, pick up rock, and throw into the creek. Splash. Opps! Snag! You see the narled roots sticking up. Tugging. Tumble. You fall again into the water. Crawl to the edge. Climb up the bank. Sit, looking at the creek, sky and trees, silently. When dried, walk down the creek to the path to your car. Laughing, sit inside and start the engine. Back from the parking space and turn onto the road.

Assignment:  Make this line walk into a drawing on pages 6 and 8, using various lines to fill in the shape, you are telling a story.

Send assignment via 'ART for DRAWN LINES' on this page. I will send the email address for you to include drawing, title with the letter, C, which I will post on this blog. 

Also, any comments, suggestions, other observations, or ideas are welcome. Art is to share; we are all artists and creative.


Cathy Kennedy said...

I'm learning how to connect my drawing with visions and feel. It's a slow process but I'm getting the knack. :)

Curious as a Cathy
A2Z iPad Art Sketch ‘Dolphin’

Bobbie Kinkead said...

We expect so much from ourselves, and really we interpret what we see and feel by our processes to record these. The critic inside has a lot to say about this. So glad you are an artist, is a refreshing, a time to release tensions and have fun.