April 5, 2018

D - Line is delineation.

Line defines, delineates, describes, presents, outlines, sketches, depicts, represents; specify, identify what an artist sees.
Trees branch out with lines.
Telephone wires stretch long and thin.
People are composted with many lines.
Water flows with lines rippling on the surface.

The lines an artist draws suggest a story the artist wants us to see.

The lines from our walking awoke us to the fact that traveling is line, sometimes straight, or curves, or spirals or a circle, as "running around in circles." We walk upstairs in a zig-zag. Our body stands vertically to the horizontal or diagonal path, which can be smooth, rough, thick, or thin. We step on textures.

Actually, two lines for visibilty \ and z.
When we walk, the air is all around as the space on the page. We swim on top of the water, which is a line dividing water from the air. Water runs in a line as all liquids; gravity pulls us down in a line. We on the top of the earth, which is a line that divides the ground from the sky, which is the space on a flat piece of paper. The ground is a textured shape on the paper.

We drive our scooters, bikes, and cars in a line; trains and planes travel in lines. Our time is measured as a line through time. Looking carefully, we connect with others in through lines, our walking, driving, sitting. I wonder if thinking is a line like a sentence.

Assignment for D:  Choose one type of line, on pages 8 and 9 draw everything you see, the shapes and textures, in that space.

Send assignment via the 'ART for DRAWN LINES' message on this page. I will send the email address for you to include drawing, title with the letter D, which I will post on this blog.

Also, any comments, suggestions, other observations, or ideas are welcome. Art is to share; we are all artists and creative.

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Colette Bates said...

I've only just discovered your A to Z posts and enjoying them so far, love your topical theme. I'm especially enjoying the wider perspective you take with 'line'. I might take up some of your excercises along the way, although my own posts and blog-hopping generally are leaving me without much time and energy for much else, to be honest. Maybe May will allow more time for such explorations, we'll see. (My A to Z signed up blog is The Wishing Well (WPblog), in the N list but I missed some of those forms along the way, glad to find your entry there. My blogspot has daily skies during April and mostly that's all it is so far.) I'll look forward to getting back to catch up with your series. Cheers.