April 14, 2018

M - Lines maintain mediation.

Drawn lines are either a random meandering of paths, roads, rivers, and thought or measured careful for meaningful designs. There is much merit in mediation and we can use designs to cause this. Using straight lines: the horizontal, verticals, and diagonals lines with circles and half circles, we will use these lines to draw a mediation. Our mission is to have a symmetrical drawing. 

ASSIGNMENT for M:  On a square piece of paper or make the square across pages 24 and 25 in the sketchbook. Use a ruler for the straight lines and a pattern for the retangles. Vary the line’s width and color, if you want. Make the lines smooth and clean. If you want, full in the shapes with color using paints or crayons, markers keeping balance. Sit your mediating square up so you can view move around in the design. I always marveled how pleasing this is to my mind, almost as much pleasure as when drawing. 

Make four mediation squares, mix and modify the lines and shapes. The more you mix the lines and colors in the square the better you motive a viewer to mediate. Your are maintaining a viewer in a moment. I got caught in these mind, motivating, marvels and made many enjoying the relaxing repetition: MAGIC! I'll put a few designs up later right now need to find and photograph them.

Please share your drawing through this website 'ART for DRAWN LINES'. Leave your information, and I will sent an email address to add your sketch to this blog - title with letter M.

Also, leave any comments, suggestions, other observations, or ideas you have to offer.  

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Leslie Moon said...

I always struggle with symmetry in my art. Time to go back to the drawing board.
A good lesson for the A to Z challenge