June 17, 2008

Trip to New York

There I am, Bobbie, in New York City, visiting an editor of the publishing house, Mary Chase of Holiday House, then, 1986, WOW!  I was as green as new sprout,  entering preschool.  I had my drawing skills; and I was learning how to be a story writer as a member in SCBWI.  Green as they come, that was Bobbie.  I flew to New York City with Patricia Polacco and Elisa Kleven, now extremely successful, and still my friends.  However, I got involved in SCBWI, the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. I needed an education on how to present a story.  I continued the chapter in the Bay Area of California, started by Geraldine Lanier. I wrote and published the newsletter, galleys, held conferences at Asilomar, and started critiques groups. Sarah Wilson and Patricia Polacco helped as did many: Ellen Leroe, Karen Dean, Dorthoy Slate, Kathy Pelta, Marty Rice, Shirley Climo, Pat Kite, Marisa Montes, Mary Banks, Nancy Etchemendy, Joan Arvold, Liz Penatcoff, Bobi Martin, Karen Cushman, Nancy Rains Day, Joy Hulme, and Jacquelinne White. (See the post of the 25th Anniversary of SCBWI Asilomar.)  All have many books published. So today, here is Bobbie, as a graduate of illustration, Colorado University (my bachelor's degree); a graduate of writing, SCBWI, (my master's) and a graduate in storytelling, Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, (my doctorate).  At last, I'm revisiting art and children's books by means of the web -- so, my portfolio blog is here to show those achievements. Now, all books published as ebooks.

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