January 9, 2019

Join my drawing course!

Art is fun and easy. We have the ABILITY.

We start with LINE because it is the most dominant and found everywhere.

 LINE is important element of art that makes art readable.

Come on the journey with line. This how-to-study will help you see lines that are around you everywhere, which you organized as Drawn Line sketchbook. Sign up here on this page, or on my Facebook Art Page.

The thirteen lessons are relaxing and playful. No rules, no mistakes just drawing lines with pencils, a tool used during our school days. A device that is perfect for experimentation. If you don’t have a sketchbook, we will make one. If you want, use a piece of paper for each lesson, even on a post-it pad, or any surface you like. Remember, the larger the size of the paper the more time you spent on sketching. 

When done with our study, you will have many works of ART! 


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